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For instance, HDFC Bank raised rates for one-year and two-year deposits by 25 basis points to 7. 5 per cent and seven per cent Max Scherzer Womens Jersey , respectively. The biggest rise took place in deposits with tenure of six months (75 basis points).

In comparison, SBI has raised rates between 25 and 150 basis points. The rate for the 15-45 day period has been increased from 2.50 per cent to four per cent – the biggest rise of 150 basis points.

For one year to less than two years, the rise is as high as 125 basis points – from six to 7.25 per cent. For 181 days to less than a year, the rate has been increased from 5.25 per cent to six per cent.

However, financial planners said the rate war could hot up soon. “Don’t invest in FDs of more than one year. Also, don’t invest the entire holding in a single FD Daniel Murphy Womens Jersey ,” says Govind Pathak, director, Acorn Wealth.

He said one could invest in three-four FDs. For instance, if you have Rs 1 lakh, divide it into four deposits of Rs 25,000 each. In case interest rates increase in Trea Turner Womens Jersey , say, the next quarter, you could take out the money from two deposits and invest in another higher-paying FDs.

Rising deposit rates give a clear indication that lending rates will also rise. According to market experts, banks have been reluctant to increase lending rates because retail lending has not taken off. Many said even teaser rates could go sooner than later.

At present, SBI is offering a teaser rate of eight per cent for the first year and nine per cent for second and third years. Then, the rate will be linked to the base rate. Similarly Anthony Rendon Womens Jersey , HDFC is offering 8.25 per cent in the first year and 9.25 per cent in the second year. After that, the rate will be linked to the retail prime lending rate.

Experts say a home buyer need not rush to opt for teaser rates, especially for buying an under-construction property. “Potential home buyers need not rush to take that home loan, whether it’s a teaser rate or not, simply because it is a 15-20 year decision,” says Kartik Jhaveri Authentic Bryce Harper Jersey , director, Transcend India.

He feels unless one is buying a ready to possess property, it may not be a great idea to go for teaser rate schemes. This is because if you buy an under-construction property under a teaser rate scheme, your EMI or interest payment will start now. When the loan is disbursed entirely in the next two-three years, the teaser rate may no longer apply.

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Today s fashion trend is no longer all about women. Jewellery can be worn by men too. It is important for women to choose the style and the designs that they want for their fashion accessories, but more so Authentic Max Scherzer Jersey , men should also be picky in selecting the right jewelry for them. Why is this important? Men have their own standards when choosing jewelry. You don t want to look overly accessorized and like someone out of a women s fashion magazine. Instead, you want to look classy, elegant and very manly with your jewellery.

Women love to shop for jewellery, and men should find time to do so too. Shopping is an art in itself. One of the most important guides that you should follow ? always choose jewellery that suits your taste, character and personality. If you think you are not comfortable in wearing a certain piece of jewelry, then you might as well put in back on the shelf.

If you are ready to do some jewelry shopping Authentic Daniel Murphy Jersey , here are some tips that you can use:

One of the classic pieces of jewelry accessories for men is a watch. Functionality should be the priority in choosing watches. There are watches that are waterproof and shockproof. You can also choose from elegant watches and trendy watches. Ask yourself what you are going to use the watch for, and you can easily select the right watch with the appropriate functionally and style that you want.

Rings are another safe jewelry for men. You can either choose from gold rings or something made in titanium, platinum or silver. You can go for simple styles or go for rings with intricate designs on them. It all depends on your taste and preference.

Men s necklaces are another example of the fashionable jewelry that you can sport. They can come in short or long chains. One of the most important things in choosing a necklace is to select the right pendant. Pendants come in a variety of designs. For men, you can go bold or muted. Some of the more popular pendant designs you can choose from are crosses, dragons and Superman, among others.

Men are also fond of wearing bracelets Authentic Trea Turner Jersey , which can be chained jewellery or solid bands. They can also come in gold, silver, platinum and titanium.

If you are to shop for earrings, you can either go for a stud or a hoop. The best hoop earrings for men are made of silver, white gold or titanium. Don?t go for gold hoop earrings (unless you want to look like a pirate!). Most men would prefer to wear a single hoop earring. Stud earrings are also fashionable among men. There is a wide range of stud earrings for men and the popular ones even have diamonds on them.

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