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HOHHOT, China, May 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese runners Zhao Baidong and Jin Mingming won the men's and women's half marathon titles respectively at the first Inner Mongolia Marathon races here on Sunday.

Zhao finished the men's half-marathon in one hour, five minutes and 29 seconds while Jin took the women's event in one hour and 15 minutes.

"The race was a little bit tough due to the cold weather of about 10 degrees Celsius, but I'm satisfied with my result," Jin said after the race.

The marathon races, including half-marathon, 10-kilometer race and mini run of 4.2195km, attracted nearly 8,000 professional and amateur participants from both China and Mongolia, organizers said.

"The beautiful scenery and hospitality of the Chinese people impressed me a lot," said Otgombayar of Mongolia, who got the silver medal in the women's half-marathon in one hour, 15 minutes and nine seconds.

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